Amazing Selling Machine 9 – How to compete with big brands on Amazon (this works)

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they want to start selling on Amazon is that they just upload their pictures and descriptions, and just wait for sales.

That never happens.

When you launch a new product – and if you want to see sales, reviews, and high rankings for your product – you need a proper launch sequence.

And in video #3 of their free training series, my good friend Matt from Amazing Selling Machine is showing you what the proper launch sequence looks like.

And how you can utilize it to compete even with big brands. (This works)

Go watch video 3 now Amazing Selling Machine!

No factory, no inventory, no warehouse needed – HINT: Amazing Selling Machine 9

Buy for $8, sell for $26, keep the profits

Most people think you need manufacturing equipment, a workforce, a warehouse, and a huge inventory if you want to sell on Amazon successfully.

Those people are WRONG!

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Find manufacturers for your product (thus eliminating the need for buying equipment and hiring the workforce)

Use Amazon to store AND ship products for you (without you having to rent a warehouse or stocking huge inventory)

Plus, you’re getting access to their brand new Sourcing and Automation Blueprint with a full flowchart of the entire process and explanation of how each step works.

This Blueprint also includes supplier contact templates for you to use. You don’t want to miss this!

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Amazing Selling Machine 9 Has Launched!

$220 billion up for grabs?

I just received some mind-blowing information you have to know…

In 2007, Amazon generated about $15 billion in revenue.

According to some new research by the team over at Amazing, Inc., this year Amazon will likely hit nearly $220 billion in revenue.

That’s over 1,400% growth over the past 11 years (and Amazon keeps growing like this year-after-year).

This matters to you in a big way, here’s why:

People just like us are building incredible businesses from scratch with Amazon.

For example, one guy named Brandon Clark has built a $5 million per year business with Amazon from home while battling a chronic pain syndrome!

In fact, here’s a screenshot from one of his accounts that shows part of his $5 million per year in sales:

Pretty crazy, huh?

Now here’s the really important part (pay close attention):

The guys who taught Brandon this business model and are behind a lot of the top sellers on Amazon have just let me know they’ve created a brand new FREE training series on how to build this business!

The first free training video releases on Tuesday, April 17th at 9AM Central Time.

Go here now to sign up to get notified when the video goes live on Tuesday:

This first video is going to be unbelievable. You’ll learn how to find the hottest products to sell, how to get started selling on Amazon, AND they’re even GIVING YOU a FREE access to a software called Profit Spotlight (this software will help you find the hottest product ideas to build your business around them).

Plus, they’ll send you a list of countries allowed by Amazon, so you don’t waste your time if your country is not supported.

And you’ll get a list of recommended profitable categories that are currently KILLING IT with sales.

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Amazing Selling Machine 8 Is Re-Opening!!!

They quit, You WIN!

They say that one (wo)man’s loss is another (wo)man’s gain.

So congratulations, today’s your lucky day!

Here’s what it’s all about.

Our friends from Amazing reached out to us a few days ago.

They informed us that a few people decided to throw in the towel, and to quit the ASM8 program. (Maybe they realized they don’t actually want the freedom that running your own Amazon business brings. Who knows.)

Now, since some of them decided to quit, Amazing has decided to fill those open spots with people who want to start, run, and grow a successful Amazon business.

Are you the one?

There are only a handful of ASM8 spots left, and less than 48 hours until they close the cart.

And if you want to learn:

  • How to find red hot product opportunities on Amazon
  • How to find high-quality suppliers for any product from anywhere in the world
  • The simple process to creating your own brand for any product you sell
  • The secret to crafting the perfect Amazon product page
  • Our new system for launching products to the top of Amazon and beating out big name brands in less than a week
  • How to nearly automate the entire logistics of this business using Amazon’s own resources
  • How and when to scale this business by growing your brand with additional products

Then you should join ASM8 while you still can.

Just click the link below, read over the details about the course, and complete your “Join us” process.

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Amazing Selling Machine 8 Guarantee!

Check this out…

$147,050 to $320,700

That’s the cost just to start a franchise business with Subway, the sandwich shop chain. (Source: Franchise Direct.)

Even with that high cost, there’s no guarantee of success.

You could spent months (or years) getting everything setup, getting a loan, paying the hundreds of thousands of dollars to Subway to start a franchise, put in hours-and-hours of your time…

And it still may not work out.

What then? You’re stuck with the bill and have nothing to show for it.

We don’t want risk getting in your way of starting a business that changes your life.

We’ve come up with a way you can start, grow, and scale a business leveraging the power of Amazon with absolutely zero risk.

If you do the steps we know work and things don’t work for you, then you can get everything back.

No risk, whatsoever.

Click here to watch video 4 to see the full details on the TWO guarantees available right now ONLY (going away soon)…

The 30-Day Risk-Free Guarantee is at 19m 24s.

The exclusive ASM8 6-Month Buy Back Promise guarantee is at 20m 03s.











Disclaimer: Guarantees are specifically offered by Amazing Selling Machine and NOT

Amazing Selling Machine 8 is LIVE!

How to rank at the top of Amazon in 5 days or less!

What do the “insiders” know that I don’t know?

That’s what I’ve always wondered looking at Amazon.

Well we’re about to find out!

The team over at Amazing has just released a free training video showing you their exact process to get top Amazon rankings:

This is so powerful and so fast that they won’t keep this video available for long.

Go watch the Amazing Selling Machine ranking video right now (while you still can) and make sure to get the FREE bonus below the video mapping out the exact steps!

Live Amazon Training Sessions

The Amazon Automation Blueprint LIVE

Saturday, October 14th at 9AM CT

Join us on this session live as we demonstrate how to turn a real Amazon product opportunity (with real example) into a profit-producing business. (With live Q&A.)

From Police Officer to Top Amazon Seller

Sunday, October 15th at 8PM CT

Hear how this top Amazon seller went from retired police officer to building multiple multi-million dollar businesses on Amazon and his tips for scaling fast today. (With live Q&A.)

From Amazon to the Rachel Ray Show

Monday, October 16th at 10AM CT

Hear from 3 top Amazon sellers who have only been selling for a few years, but whose success has already gotten them on the Rachel Ray show and a meeting with one of the sharks from Shark Tank. (With live Q&A)

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$250,000 in 1 day on Amazon (how he did it)

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